The Starwood.

01. Stick To Your Guns
02. Nobody Knows What It's like To Be Lonely
03. Public Enemy #1
04. Toast Of The Town
05. Too Fast For Love
06. Paperback Writher
07. Why You Killing Yourself
08. Tonight
09. Stick To Your Guns
10. Public Enemy #1

Known as "At The Starwood".

Mötley Crüe perform their debut gigs, opening two sold out shows on the same night for Oakland’s Yesterday & Today (Y&T) at The Starwood on the corner Crescent Heights and Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood. Working at the club during the day, Nikki organised the support slot with the owner David Forest, who also managed his previous band London. The band works hard stapling posters on walls and lampposts around Hollywood to promote their shows and Nikki's rule is if a band has one poster Mötley needs four. The band has never run through a full set in rehearsals before and doesn't know the set list until Nikki tapes a handwritten sheet of paper to the stage floor at the last minute. Forest books 10-12 bands a week at The Starwood and this show is the first in years that he actually watches all of the band’s set. A guy in the crowd spits on Vince during the first song Take Me To The Top, so he jumps off stage and puts him in a headlock, while Nikki smashes his bass into the shoulder of another punter keen on giving the Crüe trouble. Tommy joins in and hits him between the eyes with a drumstick, while Vince then hits him with a torch.

Mötley play two more shows this Saturday night opening for Y&T. By the end of their second performance, the Crüe has the crowd screaming and Y&T find themselves playing to a half-empty crowd. The band's stage attire includes a black telephone cord Nikki wraps around his t-shirt.

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