Rasundastadion, Stockholm, Sweden.

01. In The Beginning
02. Bastard
03. Knock Em Dead Kid
04. Shout At The Devil
05. Ten Seconds To Love
06. Piece Of Your Action
07. Red Hot / Guitar Solo
08. Looks That Kill
09. Live Wire
10. Helter Skelter
11. Radio Promo - Helter Skelter - Interview
12. Intro
13. Bastard
14. Knock Em Dean Kid
15. Shout At The Devil
16. Ten Seconds To Love
17. Piece Of Your Action

Track 1 - 10 recorded 1984-08-25
Track 11 - 17 recorded 1984-11-02 Isstadion, Stockholm, Sweden.


The Cre move on with a lot of the bands on the Donington bill (Dio replaces Y&T after 1 show) to play 6 shows throughout Europe, the first in Stockholm, Sweden. Backstage at this show, Nikki Sixx lifts up Eddie Van Halen's shirt and bites him on the stomach, before Vince bites him on his hand, all much to the disgust of Eddie's wife, Valerie Bertinelli. At the Ritz hotel in Paris, France, a wasted Vince Neil kicks in and shatters the glass entrance door as he tries to take a phone call. During the tour, Tommy receives notice that his marriage to Candice has been annulled.

Paul Miles & Chronological Crue. Used with permission.

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