The Dominion, London, England.

01. Bastard
02. Take Me To The Top
03. Shout At The Devil
04. Ten Seconds To Love
05. Knock 'Em Dead, Kid
06. Too Young To Fall In Love
07. Raise Your Hands To Rock
08. Piece Of Your Action
09. God Bless The Children Of The Beast
10. Red Hot + Drum Solo
11. Looks That Kill
12. Live Wire
13. Helter Skelter

First time "Raise Your Hands To Rock" is played live.

For their last Shout At The Devil show, Mötley Crüe also play their first UK headlining gig to wind up their European dates, at the 2,800 Dominion Theatre in London’s West End, with Stratus in support. Nikki wears a dark green one piece jester suit and paints his bass the same colour. Vince trips on a monitor during the set and they are generally disappointed with their performance. A new song called Raise Your Hands To Rock is played for the first time. The English crowd again throws strange butcher meats at the band during the songs, while Tommy pulls a dart from his drum tech's back while he plays. The dry ice smoke machine then blows up on his drum tech and Clyde's face is badly burnt from the scorching water. As they leave the stage, Tommy moons the crowd with his bare butt for first time.

© Paul Miles & Chronological Crue. Used with permission.

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