Club Shelter, Pasadena, California + Motley Crue demos.

01. Shout At The Devil
02. Hammerd
03. Live Wire
04. Home Sweet Home
05. Primal Scream
06. Smoke The Sky (demo)
07. Bittersuite (demo)
08. Loveshine (demo)
09. 'Till Death Do Us Part (demo)
10. Hypnotized (demo)
11. Misunderstood (demo)

Known as "Live At The Club Shelter".

Mötley play their final show in support of their self titled album at Club Shelter in Pasadena, California. This turns out to be John Corabi’s last performance with the Crüe. John moves out of Mick Mars' house and in with his new girlfriend Robin, who works as a model.

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