Rosemont Horizon, Chicago, IL.

01. Intro / Girls Girls Girls
02. Wild Side
03. Shout At The Devil 97
04. Looks That Kill
05. Don`t Go Away Mad
06. Dr. Feelgood
07. Drum Solo
08. Live Wire
09. Too Fast For Love
10. Afraid
11. Flush
12. Tommy talk / Primal Scream
13. Same Ol' Situation
14. Generation Swine


The Mötley concert at the Rosemont in Chicago is cybercast live on the Internet. A contest winning fan, Neil, located in a TV Station in Detroit, performs the world’s first fan-based cyberjam on stage with the Crüe to Anarchy In The U.K. Vince Neil chats to online fans backstage after the show, as someone breaks into the tour bus and steals his luggage. The 38 member crew and band travel on two tour buses. Nikki's wife Donna joins them on the bus for the first four shows.

© Paul Miles & Chronological Crue. Used with permission.

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