Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA.

01. Fuck Lesson / Dr. Feelgood
02. Girls, Girls, Girls 03. Enslaved
04. Live Wire
05. Shout At The Devil
06. Wild Side
07. Home Sweet Home
08. Dont Go Away Mad
09. Bitter Pill
10. Looks That Kill
11. Primal Scream
12. Same Ol' Situation
13. Anarchy In The U.K.
14. Kickstart My Heart
15. Ten Seconds To Love

01. Too Fats For Love
02. Smoking In The Boys Room
03. Rockline interview*


Rockline Interview:
Vince Neil and Mick Mars are interviewed on US syndicate radio show 'Rockline' by Bob Coburn for 90 minutes. After spending the day at the 'Yellow Rose' strip club in Austin Texas, the pair arrive at radio station KLBJ in separate limos, Vince walking in with a 2/3-empty tequila bottle and four strippers. Vince convinces one of the strippers, Josie, to go on the air with him. Clearly heavily intoxicated, Vince has trouble answering questions and is close to incoherent during much of the interview. When asked what his favourite Motley Crue song was, Vince slurs, "barbecue pork and beans." During the interview two of the other ladies perform oral sex on each other in full view of station personnel and contest winners invited to meet the band. Mick finishes the interview alone, telling listeners Vince has left on a bathroom break. The incident stirs emotions amongst fans.

Paul Miles & Chronological Crue. Used with permission.

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