Crucial Trax Vol. I

01. Toast Of The Town (unreleased track)
02. Tonight (unreleased track)
03. Too Fast For Love (alternate intro)
04. Stick To Your Guns (unreleased track)
05. Merry-Go-Round (live - San Antonio, Tx)
06. Shout At The Devil (demo)
07. Looks That Kill (demo)
08. Hotter Than Hell (demo)
09. I Will Survive (unreleased track)
10. Too Young To Fall In Love (demo)
11. Home Sweet Home (demo)
12. Smokin' In The Boys Room (alternate guitar solo - rough mix)
13. City Boy Bluse (demo)
14. Home Sweet Home (instrumental rough mix)
15. Keep Your Eye On The Money (demo)
16. Tommys drum piece from Cherokee Studios
17. Girls Girls Girls (Tom Werman and band intro - rough mix of instrumental track)
18. Wild Side Instrumental (rough mix of instrumental track)
19. Rodeo (unreleased track)
20. Nona (instrumental demo idea)

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