If you by any chance are parting with you Motley Crue bootlegs (CD or LP - any vinyl),

please mail me at Master@motley.dk (subject line: Selling Bootleg LPs) as I might want to buy them all.


Never hurts to have two of a kind or upgrade them.


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Running Wild

Shout At The Devil Demos

Fan Club release promo LP


Shout At The Devil Outtakes

Shout At The Devil Demos

+ Live songs from Boston



1982- Perkin's Palace


Live At The Country Club

1982-12- Los Angeles, CA


Pain Killers!

1984- Tuscon, Arizona


Monsters Of Rock - Donington Park

1984-08-18 England


Vaffanculo In Nettuno

1984-09-05 Rome, Italy


Vaffanculo In Nettuno

1984-09-05 Rome, Italy


Live Wire

1984-11-02 Stockholm, Sweden


Metal Bastard's

1984-11-03 Gothenburg, Sweden

Limited to 150 copies.


The Wild Side

1984-11-11 Bologna, Italy


-- The Devil --

1985-11-25 (??) Fresno, California


Pirates Of The Final Frontier

BEST cover ever made for a bootleg.

1986-02-14 London, England

Hammersmith Odeon.


Live At Hammersmith Odeon

1986-02-15 London, England


Live Wire



Get Tough

1986-02-21 Stockholm, Sweden

Limited to 600 copies.

This is number 72.


Sinners Swing



Don't Take That Poison

1987-07-14 Metro Center, Minneapolis


Red Hot

1989-10-27 Gothenburg, Sweden


Kings Of Sleaze Metal

1990-03-17 The Palace, Auburn Hills


El Loco Sweden



Girls Girls Girls World Tour - Nasty Habits -



Motley Crue



Perkins Palace



Perkins Palace



Rich Young And Pretty



Theatre Of Pain Tour






Friends Of The Devil



First Tour In Far East



Live In Hammersmith Odeon



Live Pain ´85



Louder Than Hell



Live In USA



Nasty Habits



Some Demos Some Live



Welcome To The Theatre Of Pain



Hate Into Fire



Hate Into Fire Picture Disc



Over Exposed



On With The Show



On With The Show



Shout At The Crue



Too Young To Fall In Love

Too Old To Walk Naked



Cover only.

LPs in Sweden with a friend.

Expecting them back soon.

Theatre Of Pain Town