If you by any chance are parting with you Motley Crue bootlegs (CD or LP - any vinyl),

please mail me at Crue@esenet.dk (subject line: Selling Bootleg LPs) as I might want to buy them all.


Never hurts to have two of a kind or upgrade them.


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Un-official releases:



BAK 2051


Bat shaped

TTS 1019


Chris Tetley Interview

CT 1022


Limited Edition 2500

TT 107


Limited Edition



Cat. No. Motley 1

Interview with Nick (Mick) Mars


Live In Milan 1984-11-12

Frog Records, P:O: Box 16, Hollywood, CA.





Official releases:


Helter Skelter



Helter Skelter

Poster from the LP


Looks That Kill



Smokin' In The Boys Room

Interlocking set of 2 x "7


Smokin' In The Boys Room "7



You're All I Need "12



Without You "7

Shaped Picture Disc


Dr. Feelgood "7

Shaped Picture Disc


Home Sweet Home 91 Remix "12



If I Die Tomorrow "7