If you find anything on my web site that you would like to trade stuff for, just mail me and aske.

If you want to trade
bootlegs with me, then mail me your Mötley Crüe or W.A.S.P. list.

Please check your list for stuff that I
dont have before mailing it to me.


A few guidelines on how to trade:

1: If I dont know you or have traded with you in the past, you send first.

2: I will not sell any of my original CDs or tapes. Please don't even ask.

3: DON'T SCREW ME OVER!!! I am a honest man and I expect to deal with honest people who share my love for music.

4: I am a fair trader and will do my best to provide you with the best quality copies I can.
All I ask is that you don't offer me anything that isn't of good quality or better.

5: Don't offer me a half hour recording for a hour and a half recording. As I said I am a fair trader!

6: I will only trade CD-Rs for the following:
A) Original CDs, LPs or 45.s from my want list (no CD-Rs!),
B) Bootlegs (unreleased or live material) that I don't already have.
C) S-VCDs or VCDs.

7: I will not make copies of something you can go down to your local record store and buy brand new.
I will only make copies of CDs that are either out of print or bootlegs.

8: If you are happy with the trade and find yourself coming back for more please post something in my guestbook.
The idea is that if you have had a good experience trading with me let everyone know it.
It's important to me that when someone logs onto my page for the first time
that they know what kind of person they're dealing with.
Also, if your new to my page check out the guest book to see what others have said about me.